Houseplant Refresh!

Now that the weather is cold and the days are shorter, I’ve been spending more time indoors. My garden is pretty much wrapped up for the year. There isn’t much growing out there anymore. So now, I’ll be dedicating some more time to my houseplants.

Reviving my Houseplants

I have to admit, I’ve neglected them over the past few months because I’ve been outside with the garden. So there is a lot of work to be done!!

Today I went around the house, tending to my little green babies, giving them water and removing the dead leaves. I was so happy to revive them back to their green glory, but I noticed one thing.

THE POTS. The pots were so cracked. And I mean really cracked, like ugly cracked.

So, obviously, I’ll need to buy new pots. I started searching for some pots that were appealing to the eye, and versatile in the fact that they could go with any décor.

Creating a Fresh New Look

I came across a few that I think will give me what I need- a new fresh look for my houseplants!

This one really spoke to me, the Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Iron Stand 18.9″H, Green seems because it comes in several different sizes and colors. I have some pretty large plants that need a new home. But I can also coordinate and match multiple pot sizes with this simple design!

Another option that I considered was the Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter, 8.7″H, White and Grey pot. And I really like this one because of the design! Especially to mix and match with the simple style of my first choice.

So, I’ve got the medium and large plants covered. But there are a few smaller plants that will need new pots too. So I found this one LA JOLIE MUSE White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters 6.5″ Pack 2 Indoor Plant Containers with Gold and Grey Detailing. Once again, looking for a simple design with a clean look, this one really caught my eye. I can use the smaller size pots to place on my desk and bedside tables.

And for the tiniest plants, my little succulents. I just love the idea of hanging planters like these California Home Goods 2 Small Decorative Geometric Hanging Planters Pot for Indoor Wall Decor, Planter for Succulent Plants, Air Plant, Cacti, Faux/Artificial Plants, White Ceramic/Brass. When I saw these little gems, I knew they would be perfect for my baby aloe plants.

I’m so excited to refresh these houseplants with new pots, I know they’ll be happier too!

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