How I Make Mint Tea From my Garden

After snipping a bunch of stems with lots of fresh looking leaves, the mint gets washed of all dirt.

I use a salad spinner to help quickly dry the bunch. Then, I start the drying process.


There are a few different ways to do this part. I prefer to dry my herbs the old-fashioned way, by hanging them to dry out in my pantry closet for about a week. I’ve done it this way for years with great results. Alternatively, one could use the oven to dry herbs, or a dehydrator for a faster drying time.

For the next step, I gather the mint into a few smaller bunches and tie the ends together then hang them upside down to dry. I hang the small bunches in my pantry for a week or so.


Once the mint is fully dried out, the leaves are a bit crunchy and they smell phenomenal. I remove the leaves from the stem to prepare them for use. Removing the leaves from the stems is a very simple task, because the leaves are dried out- they basically fall right off of the stem.

Then the magic happens, I add a few dried mint leaves to my usual black or green tea to have a great fresh herbal blend! Yum.

The process of drying herbs is so easy, and it’s totally worth the extra time up front to have an amazing cup of tea fresh from your own garden!

Tastes better than what you can buy in any store!

I hope you are enjoying your garden as much as I am enjoying mine.




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