Foraging for wild edibles

What an experience! So, tonight I went on a nature walk at the Awbury Arboretum with a group called the Wild Foodies of Philadelphia. I walked the grounds of the arboretum with a foraging enthusiast and was enlightened by the wealth of information that she was able to share about all of the native plant species that are in fact EDIBLE!

We observed and also sampled many varieties of plants on our nature walk. From juneberries to hostas, we tasted nature’s finest. The smells of sassafras and sweet birch are still in my nostrils.

Apparently this group also hosts a foraging dinner! I’ll have to make sure that I plan ahead to participate in this event because I am sure it is a real treat!

There are so many plants and trees around us that are packed with nutrition and potent medicinal properties.¬† It’s important to understand the flora around us, I intend to learn more….I believe this is the beginning of a new journey!



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