Wayward Tomatoes


So I have a lot of little tomato seedlings this year. So many, that I had to start tossing them away! πŸ™ I planted tomato seeds in the garden and they are coming up beautifully. However, there are more than 50+ tomato seedlings coming up in various sections of the garden- in places that I did not sow the seed…

And I know how it happened.

Last year when I pulled up the tomato garden in the Fall, there were a lot of cherry tomatoes that had fallen into the dirt. Instead of taking them out, I believe that I may have actually raked them into the soil. 😲 Those seeds laid dormant in the ground over the winter and now, BAM! It’s tomato city in the garden these days.

So, I put a few of the wayward tomatoes into small containers. I’ll give them away to my friends and family. Needless to say, there will be no shortage of tomatoes in my garden this year!

UPDATE: (July-9) There are lots of flowers and small green tomatoes on the vine already! Very exciting to see the garden maturing over the last few weeks there has been tremendous growth.Β  I’ve posted the picture below, and there’s more on my Instagram.


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