Planting beans in the garden

I’ve been growing vegetables in my garden for over 10 years now, and every year I learn something new! I keep detailed records of what veggies I grew last year and work on my plans each spring to decide what to plant in the current year. This photo shows the garden 1 week after the green bean seeds were planted. As you can see, there was a lot of growth in just one week! I believe that much of the growth was due to the great weather–lots of sun and rain accompanied by mild temperatures. I’ll share all of the progress for each section of the food garden as we move through the growing season- so stay tuned!!IMAG1310

One thought on “Planting beans in the garden

  1. It’s amazing how quickly some things can germinate when the weather cooperates! We finally had a real rain and I swear the cucumber vines grew 5″ in one afternoon!

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