Pink Lavender and plant photography

I’ve been growing this lavender plant in my garden for many years, about 8 to be exact. And every year I seem to learn more about this particular plant. It’s likes and dislikes, it’s inconsistencies, it’s overall behavior…

After all these years with my pink lavender, I am still interested. I took a picture of it on my way out of the house because it looked happy today. This year is a good year for my lavender, it’s healthy and strong and thriving.

In past years, I believe that I made some mistakes with this plant. And the biggest mistake was overcrowding it with other plants in the same space. In an effort to have a variety of plants in the front yard (for curb appeal), I had several annuals planted around the lavender. This was a big no-no! The growth of the lavender was stunted and it eventually got choked out by the other flowers. This year, and the previous year, I’ve given the lavender it’s own personal space and it’s filled out and produced an ample amount of flowers. Expect to see more pictures of the lavender, because I am proud. 😌

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